Welcome to the Arctic - welcome to Icecamp Greenland! You stay and sleep only a few steps away from the Sermilik Fjord, one of the most beautiful fjords of Greenland. You will see majestic icebergs of all sizes and shapes. Clear ice, blue ice, white ice and black ice.

And you will also see the mighty inland ice cap that covers most of the biggest island in the world. Calving glaciers producing new icebergs. And in summer humpback whales migrate into the fjord. In winter there is a chance to observe polar bears. Seals and arctic birds can be seen as well.

And while in the summer the midnight sun covers the breathtaking scenery into a warm light, from beginning of September on the magical polar light (Aurora borealis) can be experienced quite regularly.

The camp is surrounded by mountains and situated next to a crystal clear river. It has space for ten guests. Our guides will show you the area, bring you to the best photo spots and serve you tasty meals. Whether for hikes, photo-tours, kayaking, scuba diving, fishing, or just to enjoy the Arctic on our daily offered boat tours - Icecamp Greenland is your starting point for unforgettable adventures!

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