Why are we so fascinated of the Arctic? It is one of the most hostile and inhospitable places on our planet and yet it is precisely this region, which attracts researchers and explorers magically.

And probably this is exactly how the idea for the Icecamp Greenland was born. It was the urge to discover and explore, which brought us here. And we want to share the beauty and intensity with you, in one of the most beautiful places we ever discovered on our expeditions in the icy wilderness.

Lars Anker-Møller is a native Dane and has been living in Greenland since 2001. With his company Arctic Dream APS, he has been offering visitors the opportunity to explore East Greenland for many years.

Sven Gust was born in Germany and lives in Norway, where he works with expeditions in Scandinavia, Svalbard, Russia and Greenland and runs the company Northern Explorers AS.

The concept of the Icecamp Greenland originated from the experiences and ideas from our work in the Arctic. It is designed to enable guests to explore nature in right outside the doorstep and in small groups. We renounce exaggerated luxury and put on a fair price concept as well as 100% nature and adventure. Visit Icecamp Greenland and experience the real Arctic!