In June and July 2017, we started building the Icecamp. Prior to this, months of planning were going on and a first material loadings arrived Tasiilaq (East Greenland) by container ship.
Due to difficult ice conditions, it was a challenge to transport these approximately 15 tons of material from the village to the Sermilik Fjord by boat, where the Icecamp is situated. And, of course, the need to plan each screw, nail and piece of wood and tool in advance makes you thinking twice about each and every detail.

For the power supply a 6KW generator was brought to the place. It will later also serve as a reserve generator when running the camp. Our team consisted of Greenland craftsmen, as well as assistants, photographers / filmmakers and future guides from Norway, Switzerland, Germany, England and the USA.

Not all team members were (hand)working at the same time. We had the target to get, beside the construction work, also film- and photo material of the area and to explore the possibilities for excursions and activities. Fantastic weather helped us during the first weeks. Whales, seals, and a friendly polar fox joined us the camp, while we were working at the huts every day with hundreds of icebergs in view.

After a construction period of five weeks, we had finished six cabins as framings. In August and September, changing weather and lack of certain building materials made progress more difficult. At the end of September, it was necessary to close the huts for the winter because already in October the site will be inaccessible due to the ice conditions on the fjord. At the same time, another large supply of building material was transported to the camp and stored here for the next summer.

Construction work is scheduled to continue at the end of June / beginning of July 2018. It is then necessary to finish interior work, to complete walkways between the huts to offer comfortable passage between the buildings, as well as building showers and a storage building. A completion is planned for the summer of 2018 and an opening for the first of July 2019.

I would like to thank all boaters, craftsmen, helpers, photographers and filmmakers for the great work!

October, 2017 Sven Gust