The second year of construction started at the beginning of July. A fantastic team had set itself the goal to complete all remaining major work over the next four weeks.

Work was carried out in small groups of two to three people, so the interior was finished while at the same time the service building and the showers were built.

Unlike last summer, however, the accommodations were already habitable this year - a real luxury!

Craftsman Christian made the restaurant nice and cozy, so we could spend the evenings here extremely pleasant.

We also continued to explore the surroundings, sometimes quite spontaneously. For example, one morning a humpback whale mother with her calf visited us. She was spotted from the breakfast table. The food then had to wait a while we accompanied the whales with a dinghy on the calm and sunny fjord for some time.

Also the polar fox was around. He regularly took a bite that we spend for him, but sometimes he also took some of the provisions that were not actually intended for him.

Between the huts, the woodways were finished. All the toilets, beds and doors were soon installed in the huts and there was also time for details such as door and window frames, baseboards, etc.

The service house offers sleeping space for two guides, material can be stored protected and also the showers were completed.

Not all works have been completed yet, but we are ready for the opening in July 2019. Our goal is to continue to equip the camp and bring the standard to a good level for up to ten guests - no big luxury, but a place surrounded by breathtaking nature where you will be overwhelmed by Arctic experiences.

Also this year I would like to thank a fantastic team, which made it possible to implement such an incredible project in this remote place.

See you in the Arctic, see you at the ICECAMP!

October, 2018 Sven Gust